About Us

About Us

Our History

Pryor’s Window Cleaning was started by Lee Pryor after being made redundant for the second time in 2 years. The business was literally started with a bucket, ladder, roof rack from Halfords and a Honda Civic his Nan very kindly gave him for free. Lee went out day after day knocking on doors and delivering homemade leaflets offering his service.

Right from the start Lee saw the potential in the industry and had the drive and ambition to grow the business into what it is today. In 2016 Lee decided to go “all in” and sold his house to invest the equity into the business. Since then we have experienced rapid and constant growth, becoming one of the largest residential window cleaning companies in the UK and covering most the south east from our Depot near Gatwick airport.

Our Mission

Not long after starting Lee noticed a large divide and gap in the window cleaning industry. 

At one end large companies serviced just commercial property but at the other end, the residential customer was only being served by one-man bands that often weren’t offering a very good level of service. 

For example, not cleaning frames and sills, turning up as and when they want, insisting on being paid cash collected from the doorstep and being generally uncontactable by the client. 

Our mission is to operate like a large commercial business but serve the residential customer, meaning we have proper procedures and systems in place to deliver an unmatched level of service to our clients.

Live Vehicle Tracking
First Class Customer Service

Fleet and equipment

Our fleet of 19 Reach and Wash equipped vans is one of the largest of its kind in the UK. All our vehicles are purchased brand new and are fitted with market leading equipment provided by Ionic systems Ltd, the world leader in Reach and Wash window cleaning systems. 

All our cleaning poles are carbon fibre and come from Gardiner pole systems Ltd, the world market leader in pure water fed poles and brushes. 5 of our vans are also equipped with powerful gutter clearing vacuums and electric generators, once again using carbon fibre reach and suction tubes to ensure a superior job. 

Our philosophy of “only the best and market leading will do” enables us to carry out our services to the highest level for our customers. At our staffed office, we use state of the art software systems to co ordinate more than 10000 homes across the south east on our regular rounds.


All our 23 staff members are PAYE employed. We are not a franchise. We do not use any self employed or casual workers nor do we use sub-contractors to carry out our work. 

Our dedicated team have a combined experience of more than 70 years in the window cleaning industry. 


Everything our team do is continually monitored from our office to ensure we deliver the best service possible to our valued clients. 

They say practice makes perfect, our team carried out more than 60,000 cleans in 2020!

Peace of Mind

  • Public liability insurance £1 million
  • Employer liability insurance £10 million

All our insurance policies are provided by “A-plan Horsham” a specialist broker for companies in our industry. Our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that the person working on their property is properly insured.

Guaranteed level of service

Absolutely every clean we carry out is covered by our guarantee.

If you are not happy with any aspect of our work, you can contact our office within 24 hours of the clean and we will return to re clean the job free of charge. If we are contacted outside of 24 hours, we will still return to re clean for free providing we are still working in or near your area. 

Our re-clean ratio is 0.5% meaning just 1 job in 200 cleans needs another clean and more often than not this may be just a single window.

Fun Facts

  • We were the 1st window cleaning company in the UK to deliver more than 1 million leaflets in a single year, 2016. With over 2 million going out in 2021
  • We were the 1st UK window cleaning company to advertise on TV in 2017 with SKY
  • The price menu in our leaflet and method of pricing was invented by us in 2008 and is seen copied all over the UK on other window cleaners websites and leaflets.
  • The machine that produces our pure water was custom designed just for us, and when full holds more than 16 tonnes of pure water making it one of the largest in the country.
  • On average our vans use 9 tonnes of pure water every day.
  • We clean over 250 homes each day.
  • We travel up to 60 miles from our base to cover the south east.

Step 1

Let us know your details and the details of your property

    TerracedSemi DetachedDetachedTown HouseBungalowFlatNot Specified

    123456 or MoreNot Specified

    ExtensionConservatoryBothNo Conservatory or Extension

    Ever 6 WeeksEvery 12 Weeks

    Gutter CleaningFascia CleaningConservatory Roof

    Gutters Yearly 20% offFascias Yearly 20% offGutters and Fascia Yearly 30% offConservatory Roof Yearly 20% offConservatory Roof 6 Monthly 30% offConservatory Roof Quarterly 40% offNot Required

    I Agree to Terms and Conditions

    Step 2 -

    Once you complete the Direct Debit form that's it!

    You will receive an email shortly confirming all of the details, the costs, and when we will be in your area and then a text message the night before we visit.

    3 to 5 days after the clean takes place the direct debit will take payment

    See you soon!