Pure Water Supplies

Pure Water Supplies

Pryor’s Window Cleaning have invested in one of the largest most advanced pure water production systems in the UK window cleaning industry. 


Our fully computer automated system holds up to 16 tonnes of pure water and produces more than 800L per hour.
Our water purity is 0 parts per million of total dissolved solids (TDS) and 0 µS/cm

Water is digitally metered. You only pay for the exact amount required. (minimum spend £10+VAT)

Fast Transfer Speed


Our 5 Stage filtration system includes twin 40L softener removing calcium, 5 micron sediment filter, carbon filter, twin high performance reverse osmosis membranes and final stage de-ionising resin vessel.

The pure water enters our 16000 Litre storage tanks ready for use. We then transfer this water via our fuel grade pumps, hoses and digital flow meter to your tank.


3.5 Pence per Litre + VAT

(Minimum £10+VAT)

All water dispensed is digitally metered and will be rounded to the nearest litre

Unit 1 Dels Yard
Plough Road

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  • Fish Tank Owners

    Pure water for keeping your tanks topped up and ready to condition to the exact requirements of your fish

  • Pet Shops and Aquariums

    Come to us with your containers and we will fill them for you so you can retail them to your customers

  • The Manufacturing Industry

    Bring us your IBC storage tank and we will fill it for you while you wait, customers requiring more than 1000 litres a day please prebook your visit to avoid congestion

Please note that for window cleaners or others visiting to purchase pure water the time available is 9am-4pm Mon-Fri only.
Payment by credit or debit card to our onsite office.
Regular visitors may use our Direct Debit payment system. We do not accept cash payments.


Step 1

Let us know your details and the details of your property

    TerracedSemi DetachedDetachedTown HouseBungalowFlatNot Specified

    123456 or MoreNot Specified

    ExtensionConservatoryBothNo Conservatory or Extension

    Ever 6 WeeksEvery 12 Weeks

    Gutter CleaningFascia CleaningConservatory Roof

    Gutters Yearly 20% offFascias Yearly 20% offGutters and Fascia Yearly 30% offConservatory Roof Yearly 20% offConservatory Roof 6 Monthly 30% offConservatory Roof Quarterly 40% offNot Required

    I Agree to Terms and Conditions

    Step 2 -

    Once you complete the Direct Debit form that's it!

    You will receive an email shortly confirming all of the details, the costs, and when we will be in your area and then a text message the night before we visit.

    3 to 5 days after the clean takes place the direct debit will take payment

    See you soon!